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Four New Languages!

Posted on June 15, 2011 by

New languages: Indonesian, Polish, Dutch and Turkish






Babbel is adding four new languages to the roster: Polish, Dutch, Turkish and Indonesian. That makes eleven languages in total! With these new additions Babbel is offering learners the chance to engage with cultures that welcome a lot of travelers, but don’t often have a lot of foreign students of their languages.

Studying the local tongue is a great way to get a perspective on the place you’re visiting. It also makes getting around a lot easier!

Babbel’s four new languages are also astonishingly widely spoken outside the places you might immediately assume. On a visit to Chicago or London, Polish could come in quite handy, as would Turkish in Germany. Chicago is one of the largest cities of the Polish Diaspora, and it’s been said that Berlin is one of the biggest Turkish cities outside of Turkey.

As for Indonesian, the language is very closely related to Bahasa Malaysia, the language spoken in Malaysia, and both Belgium and Suriname count Dutch as one of their official languages.

The kick-off packages contain vocabulary and phrases and also incorporate popular Babbel features such as the automatic Review Manager and the Pronunciation Trainer with real-time speech recognition (all the better to get your tongue around those Polish sibilant sounds or those umlauts in Turkish). As usual at Babbel, new content is permanently in the works and new learning material will follow soon.

With a three-month subscription, access to all content within the Turkish, Polish, Dutch and Indonesian courses is available at a special rate of €9,90 per quarter. However, a sample lesson is always free of charge, with no obligation to purchase, so why not try it out?!

Learn Polish
Learn Dutch
Learn Turkish
Learn Indosian



Yes, want Japanese nao!

Was very excited about this until I found out Japanese isn’t under the list of languages it teaches. Please add Japanese!

I loved the beginner trials, but I’d rather learn Japanese. Would you be adding that as a language any time soon?

Please get Japanese on here asap!

I’ve enjoyed learning a little Russian on Babbel while I was deployed. Now it would be useful to learn Japanese.

Are you planning on adding Japanese to this website anytime soon?

Are you guys ever planning to add the Japanese language? :D
I’m really hoping to engage with my culture ^.^

I’m a Dutch so it is really a great news for me. I just impressed and also excited to know this news. Thanks for this adding.

I want to learn the basics in Hungarian. Can you help?

Hi Linda,

Thanks for your feedback! Hungarian is not a reference language yet and I’m afraid that will still take a while. The whole website and all courses would have to be translated to Hungarian.
I hope you can understand that but for any further information please write to our support at


The Babbel Team

Are there any plans to include Russian soon?

In contrast to languages like french or english, dutch seems to be pretty “basic”. Are there any plans to put more effort in this language?

Very nice! just out of curiousity: are you guys planning on having japanese as a language any time soon? or are we talking 2012? never? thanks for your answer

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