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Does code count as a language?

Posted on November 20, 2008 by

The following statement of Kristian over at web-translations made me wonder. He was writing about how much is too much in language learning, and ends with the following: “As for me, well, I speak 6 languages…English, French, small talk, MSN speak, some basic programming languages (do they count? They should as they have strict syntax like any other language) and, of course, the language of Luurve.”

Yes, what about “code”? Does it count? There are several dozens of important programming languages and many more derived dialects plus some pidgin codes. And one would think, well, you don’t speak them literally, you hack them into the keyboard. But there are stories about conferences with lots of tech geeks where insider jokes and whole presentations consists just of spoken code. Over here for example, some programmer wishes to speak code.

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