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Babbel Vocabulary Trainer for Download

Posted on April 15, 2010 by

Babbel RefreshAfter featuring the new Babbel Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch yesterday, we’ll give you the lowdown on another new feature: our vocabulary trainer Babbel Refresh.

We at Babbel think  that in order to make progress in learning, it’s important to stay present with the language. That means, instead of straining to slog through long lessons, it can actually be more efficient to review with short, bite-sized units — as long as they’re consistent and evenly spaced.

With this in mind, we’ve innovated Babbel Refresh, an application that you download and run locally on your computer. It individually calculates optimal intervals between sessions,  chooses words and phrases from your Personal Vocabulary that are due to review, and gently reminds you to engage with the language you are studying. It’s a great tool for staying motivated!

Download Babbel Refresh here.