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The new app now available for Android

Posted on January 14, 2014 by

English for work, Spanish for the next holiday or Italian for the nice neighbour from across the road: For all those who have resolved to achieve a lot in 2014, there is now something new from Babbel. Just in time for the new year, we have released our new app for Android devices.


Mobile learning on­ the­ go is currently a central theme for us. The comprehensive apps for iOS started it all for us a few months ago. Since then many of you have been waiting for an app that is more than a simple vocabulary trainer for your Android phone or tablet. And here it is ­ so now also Android users can learn languages while they travel. All the popular courses from Babbel are finally available in mobile format, and your learning progress is automatically synchronised between all devices and the Web.

Optically the app matches the new uniform look of Babbel with its clear lines. In addition to the new logo, it presents the new icon symbol for the mobile user interface ­ a large “B” with a plus in front of it ­ no frills, just concentrating on the essentials. This is Babbel 2014!

Also new is the fact that there is no longer a separate app for each learning language: For the first time now all languages are combined in one app. So you can switch freely between languages and try out the first lesson of each course for free. Babbel customers automatically have full access to all courses in their purchased language(s).

So go ahead and download it, log in and discover ­ and maybe the good intentions will also work out!

Click here to go to the new app in the Google Play Store­


A eu quero muito aprender espanhol eu quero ter o espanhol na ponta da língua eu quero aprender espanhol pq eu acho interessante é devertido

So much for the promise of full course access from the android app? After numerous attempts to install Babel and get full French course access on my HTC desire I am about to give up.

Many exchanges with babbel technical support saying that full course access works, but no all I ever achieve is access to the same old vocab trainer.

The new babbel app installed to my wifes android tablet no pro elms, all 42MB of it, but installing to my phone just gets me the vocab app of 21MB and no course access.

I have factory reset my phone and wasted many hours over many weeks.

Total frustration.

I wanted babbel in my pocket on my phone for all those of free moments to fill them with useful learning.

If only someone at babbel would say, oh you can’t install on that device with that is version, I would have been dissapointed but satisfied with support.

Please provide some useful guidance?

HTC desire, android 2.3.5.


De repente la aplicación para iPad dejó de funcionar, se cierra apenas se abre. No sé cómo comunicarme con Ustedes para encontrar una solución. Les agradecería un contacto

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