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Germany’s Best iPhone App

Posted on December 8, 2010 by

Language Learning with Babbel Mobile

We’re proud to announce that the magazine Mac Developer, INTERNET WORLD Business and iPhone & Co. have named the Babbel App as Germany’s best in the Business to Customer category! Lufthansa and Floop made the second and third positions.

Urs of Aspirement accepting the award

Urs of Aspirement accepting the award

At last week’s iPhone Developer Conference in Cologne, a jury of four tech journalists was impressed by Babbel Mobile’s overall concept and user-friendliness. What particularly caught their attention was our unique speech recognition feature that encourages learners to practice their pronunciation on-the-go. The app was created in cooperation with a startup of young developers, Aspirement. It’s a perfect addition to the Babbel online learning system.

And the jury is not alone, it seems. By now 250,000 people have downloaded the app and it made it to second place in France for the favorite app in any category. 3000 words and a basic and advanced vocabulary for English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German and Swedish come in handy anywhere. Download the app here.


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Another vote for an android app please. i have switched over to android and miss having the mobile app to compliment my online learning. thanks!

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I also would love to see an Andoid App. As there are actually more android than apple devices this would be a natural choice.

I would like an Android version. I’ve changed my cell phone last month and I miss Babbel very much.
Hope you can bring it out quickly.

Did you consider to develop an Android app too?


When will the native iPad version be published? Enlarged iPhone version looks crappy. And I guess you could make good use of the screen size of iPad by redesigning the app.

Is it possible to use Babble to learn Spanish, with the native language as German? I noticed you seem to be a German company but the option doesn’t seem to be available on the website.

Hello Mick,

You can also use Babbel with German as a reference language. As a default, the reference language is set to your preferred browser language but in the lower right of the registration page – or in the profile settings if you already registered – you can select any of our seven languages. If you’re not yet registered you can also use this link: to see the German registration page.

All the best,

Yes, it is really a lovely app!
my 10 year old son is learning english with it!
Great Idea

This is an awesome app to learn foreign languages on the go. I just downloaded it for my I phone last week.

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