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Babbel Mobile: Learn a language on on the go

Posted on April 14, 2010 by

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Yesterday we released Babbel Mobile — iPhone Apps for seven languages. We’re happy to be receiving positive feedback from all over the world. In fact, in some countries, we’re already ranking in the top ten educational Apps in the App Store!

The idea of Babbel Mobile is to allow you to study languages anywhere, anytime. We think it’s a great way to make some productive use of your in-between time — whether it’s on the way to work, on the commercial break or on the beach. You don’t even need an internet connection. But if you do happen to be online, everything you learn is consistently synchronized with your Babbel Review Manager, making the time you spend learning efficient.

Babbel Mobile can be used to complement or as a stand-alone vocabulary trainer. Babbel subscribers can access the full vocabulary of 3000 words, while others can try a free lesson and purchase vocabulary for a onetime price of  €5.99 / US$ 7.99. In any case, downloading the App is free for everyone. You can use your existing Babbel login or sign up cost-free in a few seconds.

Here are some links to the App Store for learning the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Swedish.

Update: We are currently developing an Android app. There is no release date as yet but we will certainly keep you informed via the Babbel newsletter.



Hi, My app has not synchronised with my account. Please can you help with this?


Hello Portia,

Thanks for your message! Please contact Babbel customer service directly at for further assistance.

Today the world has changed a lot, especially in terms of educating and communicating with the rest of the world. For communicating with other parts of the world one need to learn many languages. But it’s not possible for one to learn many languages and it also consumes much time to learn it. But now it is totally easy for us to learn it because of some digital way of learning, especially we can learn it through some mobile applications such as duolingo, memrise, and of course babbel. Having all these said, I would like to say that this was a great post and I found it quite helpful. Please publish the release date as soon as possible. Thanks.

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can somebody help me? i keep trying to buy the french lessons but it won’t go through, it keeps telling me that something went wrong, and i know i have enough money in my card, please someone get back to me via my email, i really would like to start. thank you.

Hi Norvik, did you manage to download the app at all?

I have a subscription and downloaded the App in my iphone. How do I synchronize the App with my account in my MacBook Pro?

Awaiting your kind response


Hi Amy, should all be synchronising automatically now. Any problems just shoot an email to Cheers.


I’ve been using Babbel for almost a year, but at some point last year I had to cancel the card I was using to pay for it and, obviously, the Babbel payment failed. Because I was in school at the time, I decided not to renew Babbel (update my payment details) until I had the time to really focus on it. Now, almost 5 months later, I’m ready to start up again, but I want to know: if I renew now, will I be charged for all of the months I’ve been inactive?


Hi Lauren,
thanks for your message. I’ve forwarded your message to our support team that will come back to you. For any question regarding technical or financial issues, please refer to

Best regards

Babbel Team

scratch that it was a user problem, oops 🙂 Love your product.

Hi Jill,

ok great, enjoy learning Swedish!

Best wishes,

Babbel Team


Why can’t everything I learn on my iphone mobile app be shown as completed on the regular babbel website? Does the iphone sync to the normal website?

Hello Erika,

The reason for that is the difference in course structure of the apps and online. We are working on that and it will be rolled-out with one of the upcoming updates!


The Babbel Team

Your app no longer works on my iPod Touch, babbel telling me that it no longer works on pre IOS4 equipment. Anyone else annoyed by this? Why was there an app upgrade that didn’t advise of this, and why didn’t babbel allow me t keep using it? Have you complained to babbel? Were you unhappy with the answers? I am only complaining because I found the app really useful, and now I can’t use it anymore!

Hi Gary!

I want to appologize for any inconvenience. For complains please write to
I also forwarded your comment to our mobile team.


Hello, I was wondering why doesn’t the babbel iPhone app ask me to mention the level of learning I’m in like the normal babbel site. Isn’t the material different for each level of learning?

Hi Nadeen,

Thanks for your comment. The actual basic and advanced vocabulary is identical with the vocabulary online. The structure of both tutorials is slightly different due to the iPhone’s requirements.
It’s not yet possible to choose between level of learning. I can’t say at this point if we will add this feature to our mobile apps.


The Babbel Team

Add me to the list of Android users that would LOVE a Babbel app!! Thank you!

Hi Joy! We are working on that and we are almost there. Thanks for your feedback.

I’m having trouble with this app. When I downloaded it all the words were being played along with the picture. Now only the picture comes up but with no pronunication, so don’t know how to say the word. I can’t work out why this is happening as it’s not on mute and my volume is up. Can you suggest anything here?
Thank you

Hi Dawn,
Do you use the iPhone App or do you have one of our Android Beta versions? In any case, please write to and mention your OS, device and so on. They’ll help you. Thanks!

i cannot activate my babbel account. i cannot set my always failed

Hi Teodora,
Please write to so that our support is able to help you with your account.


I like babbel apps but now i have a android phone and i cant find babbel in android. I dont have an apple device at all.
Do you offer this in android too?

Hi Rome,

We are currently working on our Android Apps!
You can sign up for our Beta-Version here –>

The test version is for ENG > SPA only but the other languages will follow as soon as the testing is finnished.


The Babbel Team

Thanks for the review. I’ve just decided to have this one after read your post


Would be super happy to test a Learn swedish version of the android app 🙂
would make my learning much more fun!

Hi Amandine!
You can sign up for our Android Beta-testing programm here –>
I am not 100 % sure if Swedish is available, but you should have a look and find out!


hi, I don’t see the android app listed in the beta program link in the previous post?

Hi babbler,
I forgot to say that the beta test is still in pre-beta. You can simply write to to recieve the links. But Anne is going to add the Android beta test to the beta test page anyway.

Hi I have an account with Babbel. Occasionally I get an email on my iPhone stating that another user has sent me a message, but I have no way of checking that message because I can’t get onto the website with the iphone. It would be great if the app would support messages and the other social networking features. That would get around the problem I think.

Hi I have an account with Babbel. Occasionally I get an email on my iPhone stating that another user has sent me a message, but I have no way of checking that message because I can’t get onto the website with the iphone. It would be great if the app would support messages and the other social networking features.w

Android app still in development? 🙁

Hey everyone. We are making big steps here. Right now two of our developers focus on getting the Apps ready by the end of this year. We are currently testing our first beta version so if your are interested you can sign up as a beta tester here –>

We’ll keep you updated!

Great learning experience … but I am as well desperately waiting for the android app which seems to be still “in development” (?)

Anyway thx for the great work.


Android app please!!!

Android App, please! I liked this app on my iphone … i changed to android and miss it very much! Don’t forget: Probably others are developing an android app too… so hurry up. 🙂

Just bought six months on babbel. Hope to see the android app soon! 😀

Dear Android users: we are currently developing an Android app. There is no release date as yet but we will certainly keep you informed via the Babbel newsletter. I have an android phone as well…

The Babbel Team

Another android user wanting a babbel port !

I’m so disappointed there’s no Android App ! Have purchased my first 6months, and think the programme is great, but definitely won’t be renewing if no Android version.

Any news on an android app?

Lot’s of people switched to Android Handys. So we would need APP also as Android App. This would be great.

Hi Babbel-Team,

why do you have a blog? A blog is reasonable for those who want or like it to communicate with their readers. But all what you need is a homepage.

Have to +1 the android comments above (the more polite ones anyway!)

I have flash on my phone and can actually run the website itself but as android doesn’t recognize flash text boxes I have no way to enter the answers lol 🙁

I’m looking forward to Android App too

Android app for learning German

Hi Eric,

We are working on it 🙂


I hate to seem like a broken record, but I think that an Android application would be awesome as well. It would really help out 😀 Thank you

An android app would open you up to more customers. I would like to see an Android app ASAP! Thank you for your attention.

+1 for an android app!
I’d buy it the minute it’s released.
By the way, portability is part of good coding. 😉

I am interested in the android app too, thanks!

Android is the operating system with the most users! Why is Babbel only supporting the minority of iOS?

I would like an Android version too. I’ve changed my cell phone last week and I miss Babbel very much.
Hope you can bring it out quickly.

Another nearly satisfied user wanting android app. Come on Babbel you are in a fast moving industry, move quickly! At least give us a date or an explanation…

I think we need to make even more demands! It should not take this long to create an android app that is so sorely needed! Please give us the Android app!

Another for android app. Need a beta tester 😉 ?

I would like to buy an Android App as well.
Do you know when it will be available?
Or are you not going to offer it for the better mobile software?

Hi….android for me too please. I was just about to buy this when I saw app was iphone only…SO last year!

Android App please!!! I’m also looking forward to Android app.

Any news about the android app?

I’ll get my new mobile phone (Android) by the week after next. It would be great if I could use it for my actual Babbel units!

Just bought an HTC with android …. any news?

Hey David,
We are working on it. It is a team of 3-4 people who work on mobile apps at Babbel now and we aim to launch the andoid apps during the upcoming winter season.

Marvin from the Babbel Team


I’m using my Babbel account via the Internet browser and the language learning is pure joy. However, when I downloaded the app from App Store, log in on my iPhone, the syncing doesn’t work. Could anyone help?


Hey Marej,

please write to if the problem does still exist.

Thank you,

Is there an Android App for Andriod phone and is ther one in the works?

I left a comment yesterday but it disappeared . I purchased full version on 7/20/2010. After an update last week my app is wiped off my phone and replaced with free version with 200 words, instead of 3000 I had. Your full app is not in ITunes store anymore either.

Hi Yelena,

Sorry for the delay. We have been working on our iPhone Apps a lot an made some changes. Please check out the current App versions in our iTunes store,
For further help please write to

Thank you!

The Babbel Team

Hello! I purchased this app last July and it was fine. After last week update from ITunes store it is wiped off my phone and replaced with short free version. the app is not in the store anymore either. What happened? How do I get my app back? I don”t care if its an old version,

Android App please!!! I would buy it immediately! Android now has almost as many users as iOS and will be #1 soon!

Hi Paul,

We hear you (and others). Please stay tuned.


I’m also interested an android app.

Any news yet on an Android app?

No schedule for the Android app, yet. But stay tuned.

Hello, i have a problem, when i want to buy de full vontent on my ipod touch, it show a message, this is’nt a try acciunt, try to create another account in de enviorement sandbox, i hope that you can help with this.

Hello Victor,

This Sanbox Error is known in some jailbroken iPhones. It’s a general App Store problem that’s not related to the Babbel App. I’m afraid we can’t help you with that.

What you could do to get the full Babbel content on your iPhone is to subscribe to for 5,95€ per month. As soon as you are a subscriber, the full content is downloaded to your iPhone automatically.


I purchased babbel Swedish on my iPhone 3GS, due to a manufacturing flaw I had the unit replaced by apple. Upon restoring my data to my new phone I have noticed that babbel is prompting me to pay for the premium content oncemore.
How can I restore my dictionary without paying the content charge again?

You can just download the content again from the app store. Apple won’t charge you again for the same product. They’ll let you know that the download is free before the final step.

The new version of the App is now available with the phrase trainers re-activated. Enjoy.

You can use the same login for the iPhone app and and you can refresh your vocab on both platforms. But in order to get full access to all content on (which is a multiple of what you have on the iPhone), you need to subscribe. It’s affordable, though.

Thank you so much for your quick response.
With the sentence feature activated, babbel is worth every penny spent on it.
By the way, in order to use the features on the site version of babbel, do i need to buy a separate license, or the iphone license is good for both?

Hi, will there also be an android application for babbel?

There’s no release date scheduled of an Android application, yet.

i purchased the babbel app for iphone after seeing the trial version. What i particularly liked was the ability to see the words into complete phrases.
However, after the recent update (1.2.1) this seems to have disappeared. Is there something wrong?

Thanks a lot for alerting us: indeed the current version of the iPhone App is missing two trainer types. We fixed this bug and submitted an update. As soon as Apple approves the new version, you can download it to your iPhone.

Hi, I’m using the iphone app on an iPhone 3G and now I’ve also a 3Gs which I wish to use. I’ve to buy another time the dictionary? Or When I click on buy this will be free? I’ve installed the app and I’m registered with the same itunes account on both device but on the 3gs It say to buy the full dictionary…

Hi Nicholas, if you use the same App Store account on your new 3Gs the download will be free. It’s a little misleading because it does look like another purchase but if you start the purchase you’ll get an alert that it’s not charged.

Dear arniet,

this is David, the lead developer of Babbel Mobile.

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing these problems with our new version. If you haven’t already, please contact the Babbel Mobile support team. Don’t forget to include your screen name so that we may check which word within your Refresher might cause the problem.

From the top of my head and without any details, I am unable suggest a workaround.

using iphone app for french. Babbel worked well. Suddenly now having difficulty with app shutting off after one or two words from refresher. Again, was perfect. Suddenly working poorly. Unloaded app, then reloaded with fresh download. Anyone else having this issue? Any workarounds?

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