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Manage Your Babbel Vocabulary

Posted on April 16, 2010 by

One of the things that makes Babbel unique has always been its high degree of personalization: Babbel’s features keep track and tailor themselves to each learner’s individual progress.

All the words and phrases you’ve ever studied on Babbel are added to your personal Vocabulary. Then, by encouraging you to review items at optimal intervals, a sophisticated Review Manager further helps you to commit vocabulary to long-term memory. It tracks your successes and errors, and calculates what is best to review, when. This innovative system not only makes learning close to effortless, but also makes it a lot more efficient.

We’ve revamped the My Vocabulary overview to make it even clearer. Due to popular demand, we’ve also made it possible to print out your vocabulary words. Go take a look here after you’ve logged into Babbel.



This feature is not more available. It’s a big shame!

practice make perfect!

Really useful link to give a chance to improve your english language…You have many friends to practice and talking friendly….

J’ai des problèmes avec Babbel depuis deux semaines. Impossible de connecterà . problème de serveur ou autre. Ce n’est pas mon ordi. D’autres amis ont essayé sur leur ordinateur, . Babbel ne fonctionne plus à Montréal, Canada.
C’est triste.
I have problems to connect to Babbel since july 2013 .. Unable to connect to Server problem or another. The problem is not on my computer. Other friends have tried on their own computer. Babbel no longer works in Montreal, Canada.
This is sad.

Réjean Tremblay, Montréal

Sorry to hear that, Rejean – is this an ongoing problem? Have you contacted Best.

Is it possible to synchronize my babbel account with my Iphone ?

Hi Amy – I don’t think this shouldn’t be an issue with any of our new apps. Any problems, just shoot an email to, cheers.

I seem to be jumping from one course to another so maybe this will lead to my finishing one course before starting another

it is really a benificial site .it gaves a chance to learn more about english

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