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Russian stereotypes quiz

Posted on July 16, 2014 by

russian stereotypes

To celebrate the release of Babbel‘s new Russian course we’ve compiled a quiz to test your knowledge of Russian stereotypes. We looked at what the numbers said, and we asked Larisa Bulanova from our Didactics department to give us an insider perspective on what Russians think.

So: is it true that Russians drink vodka like it’s going out of fashion? Is it actually that cold?  And if you go to Russia, should you watch out for bears?

Remember, they’re called stereotypes for a reason! Please don’t take them too seriously.

Test your knowledge of Russian stereotypes… click to begin the quiz.




I live in Russia my entire life but I managed to somehow fail this test

I’m from Russia, but I don’t know this country. Ohhh, what?!?

Im now fully equipped to tackle Russia – from the streets of St Petersburg to the Siberian tundra But i am siberian girl!!! =)

I think it’s great Babbel is doing Russian. I did 30 hours years ago for work so I could make sure the interpreters were on the right track, but it’s a tough one and I didn’t go further cos I knew I couldn’t learn it well enough for my own satisfaction. But those I know who did just love it. However, I’ve met so many friendly – if sometimes mad – Russian people in my time living and working in Eastern Europe that I have to dispute one of your quiz answers!
The language I did have to learn – because I lived there – was Hungarian. Any plans to add that to the repertoire?Loads of children of the Hungarian diaspora take classes and a few like me end up there without any ancestral connection so there would be an audience – I would like to learn the grammar better and I love the Babbel courses I’m doing in Swedish and Italian.

Hey Fiona, thanks for the feedback! Quite agree that Russians are unfriendly (we gave that one a 2/5!) – we’ve a couple working here and they’re lovely. Keep your eyes open for a blogpost next week about the challenges of creating the course.

Re: Hungarian, it would be great but no plans in the immediate future. Hopefully that’ll change, and we’ll certainly pass it on as a feature request.

First of all, I’d like to thank you for popularization of Russian language. I think it was hard work to do the course.

As for your test – it fun, but I’d like to say that you need some corrections 🙂 Yes, Vodka is popular in Russia, but… In big cities we drink wine, bear, or whiskey with friends. We drink vodka like a national drink connected with national holidays. In country side or small villages the most popular drink is “samogon” (you can use google to know what is it 🙂 ).

As for bears – they live not in Siberia only. There are bears in different parts of Russia and most people in our country now the safety rules connected with traveling through wild nature.

And.. yes, we are not smiling “just in case”. We believe that “physical” emotion should be connected with your feelings. We do not see the reason for smiling to strangers if we don’t really like this stranger. But if we like someone – we’ll do our best for his comfort and joy.

So, thanks again for your job and good luck to anyone who wants to learn Russian 🙂

Thanks Olesia. Good to know about the samogon, looks quite fun! Appreciate the comments.

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