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Six Years!

Posted on January 15, 2014 by

by Markus Witte (Co-founder)

Hard to believe: the sixth year since we went online with Babbel is here. We are once again happy and proud to confirm that it was our most successful one yet. So much has happened in this last year: there was a financing round of over 10 million US Dollars, 45 great new people joined the Babbel team, including several experienced managers. In addition a new office, two new learning languages (Norwegian and Danish), new apps for two platforms (iOS and Android) – and a new logo! But above all millions of new users, for whom this is all happening.

What started with four founders in a small office in a cramped old apartment in Berlin-Kreuzberg, has grown into a buzzing hive of over 100 full-time employees. And there are also, believe it or not, more than 150 authors, pedagogues, editors, translators, narrators and supporters who work freelance while maintaining other professions such as teachers, musicians and actors. Added together that is a huge number of people, who are all creating Babbel together.

We feel that this is an excellent reason to celebrate. And since January is from the outset for us the liveliest month (through your and our many good intentions), we have even delayed Christmas somewhat. So, on Friday we will be rocking around the Christmas tree. And then it continues with the seventh year, for which we again have a lot planned. Some things shall be a surprise, and other things will go live before we discuss them. However the following are certain: there will be Russian, our first learning language that does not use the Latin alphabet. And we intend to whip the Review Manager into shape. And also learn a lot of new things ourselves. And continue to have lots of fun. And create.






Glad to hear that you are working on the review manager. I’d like to suggest to a setting that allows you to review more than 10 words at a time. During the review I also would like to be able to remove words from the pool. Thank you very much

votre dernière pub pour l’anglais est une des plus réussies que j’ai vue depuis longtemps!
J’ai envie de la regarder comme un petit film! GENIAL !

would you bill me for 3 months subscription so I can send you a check ??

so far,so good keep the work moving ahead you’re so much of a help.

Hi can you please propose arabic?

J’apprends l’allemand sur le site Babbel et je trouve ce site très bien fait mais je suggère une rubrique qui serait consacré à la conversation via skype ou autre média avec un professeur et qui suivrait l’évolution de l’élève car à l’écrit on apprend beaucoup mais une langue doit être parlée et comprise à l’oral. Merci beaucoup de prendre ma demande en considération

Bonjour Marie-Dominique,
Merci pour vos suggestions, nous les transmettons à notre équipe chargée du développement produit.

Bon apprentissage!
Flora Petersen

I wanted to quit because I finished french and english and you don’t have russian… So good news for me! I’ll stay 😉

Noch eine Frage: Gibt es auch einen Kurs für reines Konversation-Training (in Englisch)?
Mir fehlt ein bisschen die Übung im Gespräch. Welche Möglichkeiten gibt es, um darin besser zu werden?

Im Aufbaukurs 1 und 2 gibt es das “Dialog speak” – im Dialog übernimmst Du eine Sprecherrolle und kannst Dich dann selbst anhören! Somit trainierst Du Dein Verständnis sowie Deine Aussprache gleichzeitig 🙂

Gratulation zum Jubiläum!
Ich bin seit Februar 2013 dabei und lerne Englisch. Es macht mir viel Spaß, besonders seit die neue App für IPad in IOS existiert, die vollen Abgleich zum PC-Kurs bietet. So kann ich jederzeit auch unterwegs lernen.
Ich bin absolut begeistert! Vielen Dank dafür.

Danke Karin!

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