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¡Sube, sube! Or rather, baja!: Zune to become Univisión's exclusive digital music provider

Posted on October 30, 2008 by

Zune, microsoft’s candy-colored answer to the ipod and itunes, has recently put their cards on the US Latin music industry by signing a pact with Univisión to become their exclusive online music download provider. Univisión is a New York based Spanish-language TV station broadcasting in the US and Puerto Rico, with one of the more visited websites in Latin America.
But Zune is not the only one laying their naipes on the table, with Baja Zune Música en, the Latin entertainment conglomerate is ostensibly hoping that the rate of music downloads in that market will go up instead of bajar (go down). According to Billboard this has been historically low, with digital music making up only 2.2 % of all Latin album sales.