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User Survey 2016

Posted on January 19, 2016 by



We surveyed nearly 45,000 Babbel users (or 44,584, to be precise) in order to find out how and why they learn. Here’s a handy overview of what we found out.

(Download the full report here.)



Global overview




How do our reasons for learning a language change as we get older?



Each line represents a different motivation for learning a language. Together, they give a sense of how our reasons for learning a language might change throughout a lifetime.

Download the full report here.




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Interesting report.
I just wondered why the USA flag is used to represent English rather than the UK flag in the full report?

Thanks Rob. We have different versions for different countries and languages, of course. It just happens that the version you’re seeing is meant for the US (our blog posts are generally published in US English, so that’s the one we’ve linked to). Hope that helps.

[…] the language-learning app company, has published figures on how its apps are used and thanks to this report (they surveyed nearly 45000 users) we can answer […]

I can not unsubscribe to babble e-mails. Is this a racket or what?

Hello Don,

Thanks for your message! Please contact Babbel customer service directly at for further assistance.

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